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Mixed Media
combines the usage of more than one art format

De the Heroine baby tote bag by © Rebecca Lea

I usually start with hand drawing techniques.
Another medium might be added such as, watercolor or paper overlays.

In the digital art format scanning sections / slicing and importing into photoshop is
where the full drawing might also be put back together.
Color options makes the design a mixed-media product.

Title: "De" the heroine © Rebecca Lea

Mixed Media windchime by © Rebecca LeaWhen I create windchimes, I am using a collection of objects.

The starting point in this example is stained glass.

This piece demonstrates the incorporation of beads, jewelry findings and seashells.

When I decorate wooden boxes, I use various media, which include paints, fabric, trim, stickers, stones, inks, stamping and feathers to name a few objects.

When a project is produced using more than one medium,
then it is rightfully titled: Mixed-Media.

The product pictured is a Windchime in a mixed media format.

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