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Man 2 © Rebecca Lea

Study hard to see the image of the original pen & ink plus graphite produced on a brown paper bag.
Shown is a combination of the original as a digital object scan overlaid onto a black and white digital illustration.

Title: The "Photo Shoot."

I started with pencils in my younger pursuits for drawing and added chalks for shadowing.
Developing hand skills for pen & ink utilizing watercolor advanced the whole canvas.
The development of computer software graphic programs further enhances the growth of the Art, which opens further studies of "multiple originals."


Fantasy Landscape © Rebecca Lea

I am KissMyConfusion™ and this is my climate change awareness card.

FOR SALE as an open edition digital art card in my store at Zazzle in various sizes.
The original is a large hand drawing, which I still own.
I hold all copyrights for the originals and the reproductions.




Scratch Board

Working with scratch boards is a pen & ink reversal that absolutely excites me.
Pictured is my work titled Park Avenue, which I based on work by one of my favorite photographers: Gordon Parks.

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