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Digital Art

Utilizing Adobe Illustrator's pen tool along with a graphic tablet,
I created this digital art ready for production in the print-on-demand market.

One of the benefits of designing and drawing with graphic software is to have the original produced in black and white. From this point color becomes an enhancement or even a color therory study.

This color choice is an analogous study to create three different products.
Coloring was achieved using Adobe Photoshop and filter plug-in tools.

I then used the same black and white design to generate a split compliment.

For print-on-demand, this design was formatted to fit a standard art card leaving a white space for the boarder and adding the appearance of a black frame with a digital white bevel inner cut.

Blue Analogus Roses art card by Graphic Designer Rebecca LeaGreen Analogus Roses art card by Graphic Designer Rebecca LeaViolet Analogus Roses art card by Graphic Designer Rebecca LeaSplit Compliment roses art card by Graphic Designer Rebecca Lea
I am also playing here with Multiple Originals.


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