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Art Trading Cards (ATC) - Small Format Art (SFA)

ATC - ACEO Art Cards measure 2.5" x 3.5" , which is a small format art form: SFA.
Trading Cards were a means of in-expensive advertising.

Art Trading Cards (ATC) were created as a means for artists and their patrons to "trade" their favorite artwork.

Art Cards and Edition Originals (ACEO) was started by an artist on eBay and the collecting continues ...

Give Them Away - Trade Them - Sell Them

"Tend Your Garden" © Rebecca Lea

Tend Your Garden

sold / Florida

"Texas Blues" © Rebecca LeaTexas Blues

sold / Texas


sold /Minnesota

Lift Up: H.P. Lovecraft


sold /Washington

"Remember Me" © Rebecca LeaRemember Me

sold / California

"Louisian Blues" Hurricane Katrina © Rebecca LeaLouisiana Blues
Hurricane Katrina

Trade / Texas

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