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Doll Maker

The Wise Woman

The journey of a woman’s life perhaps (if we are lucky) leads to a place of acceptance and wisdom.

Along our trail of life, which includes lessons of joy, sorrow, love and loss;we arrive at the place of the crone.

Now is the time to be honored, revered and respected.
It is the time to pass on and acknowledge our age wisdoms and power.

All of our gray hair, wrinkles and creaking bones are testimony to a full life!

Celebrate the Crone! ~ by Maxine Marcella Martin

In Loving Memory

Maxine Marcella Martin

1954 - 2009


Yewryn - Folk Art Doll by Macine Marcella

by Maxine Marcella

Talulla - Folk Art Doll by Maxine Marcella

by Maxine Marcella

Gleewyd - Folk Art Doll by Maxine Marcella

by Maxine Marcella

Maxine Marcella's art work was created in various media including folk art painting and mixed-media sculpted dolls with their personal woodland side-kicks.

Beyond the realm of realistic and fantasy;
she hand sculpted some
sci-fi creatures too.

Maxine shared this particular series of sculptured dolls with me in a celebration of life and the wise journey that women take along the path of aging.

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