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Synthesis of Sensibilities:
Mi Feng Approach

by Deborah L. Woolsey

Original Artwork by artist Deborah WoolseyI seek the unity in all and attempt to express it.

I choose to be responsible to the cosmos around me because I know I am connected to it.

Like the honeybee, I enjoy the nectar of a variety of flowers and from each, comes a distinct type of honey, but it still remains honey.

Mi Feng does not propose that diversity should not be recognized, but that the differences should not create such divergence that we can find no common ground.

While it is obvious that everything and everybody is distinct, it is also imperactive to discover and hold onto the foundational principles of universality.

There are greater truths than what can be seen and these invisible realities hold greater promise if adhered to and greater threat if ignored.

[ TITLE: "Terrible Beauty" Artist: Deborah L. Woolsey | Master of Arts - West Texas A&M
©2005 all rights reserved  | Diminsions: 48" x 24" ]

"The Mi Feng approach creates a variety of ways to focus attention to the idea
that our thought and identity are unified in the "One."

Deborah Woolsey works with oils on canvas. She is a trained professional artist residing in Canyon, Texas.
She has spent time in Taiwan, India and Thailand. Currently she writes and illustrates children's stories.

Original artwork "All Is One" © Deborah Woolsey"All-Is-One"
This print was originally produced in support of fundraisers
for the Indian Ocean Tsunami in 2004 and again for the Hurricane Katrina victims in 2005.

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